Redress, 2015
Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgariara Artist Residency

Redress assumes that the damage, destruction, repair, and reconstruction of personal histories are simultaneous, ongoing processes. I worked with town historians and curators to take a local artifact (a 110 year old garment donated by the museum's curator) creating a ritualistic narrative.

This video, projected onto the floor from inside the now destroyed and repaired dress, suggests possible histories of the garment's repair and damage. 

Video  here.

This piece went on a six-city tour of Bulgaria 2015-2016, then later included in The Land of the Endless AugustSaturday, August 27, 2016 in the building of the school. The Old School residency presented artworks made by the participating artists during the period 2010-2016. The collection of the residency consist s of more than 100 artworks by nearly 60 artists. The Land of the Endless August exhibition leads the viewer on a fascinating walk through the many years of artists from all over the world showing their talent and creativity. One more time the works from the previous residencies will visit the building of the school in the village – the place where they have been created.