Photography Without Photographs

Photography Without Photographs, a collection of metacognitive objects, opens a conversation about photography and the authority of text over image. That dominance is used to destroy it's own authority by pushing through poetry to connect and collaborate with the audience- leaving out the middleman.

"The Text is very much a score of this new kind: 
it asks of the reader a practical collaboration. 

Which is an important change, for who executes the work? 
Nowadays only the critic executes the work " 
- Roland Barthes


Questions minus the answers. 

The writing within the Redirect series interrupts the horrible contemporary passive reflex of reading curatorial text in an art space. Questions keep sending the gaze back to the image again and again. The second person voice shoves past the unknown authoritarian third person to connect directly with the audience, modeling a more interrogative approach with works of art. 

Twenty Scores for Instagram 

Questions and commands, answered or not, fire up a larger percentage of the brain than do mere statements. "Twenty Scores for Instagram" the text replaces images for passive consumption and in its place speaks in the second person voice, demanding activity from the audience. What feel like lessons are relabeled 'scores', connecting to the work of John Cage and Yoko Ono. It's incredibly difficult to read any of these Instagram scores without visualizing the potential photos. I think this offers the possibility of more active visual engagement than a 'finished' photo does.