Studio- Every Place Becomes Home

The residency is 2/3 over and I don't hardly remember living any place else! Aqua phone is June 10 and I'm preparing for my show. From June 10 till the end of the month I'm going to concentrate on drawing which I have not had the luxury to do for a long time.  


I remember collage

I haven't seriously done collage for years but I had to do something with my drawings on tracing paper! Because there's paint and gravestone rubbings an old maps laying around it just sort of happened.  


What's With the Sticks

Poking around in the riverbanks all day, and holding up two sticks in front of myself concern and leave looking back-and-forth between the two, occurred to me that the further I get with feeling right about my aunt the more and more it feels like stuff I did when I was a kid. Alone in the woods or the beach, collecting things, making trail markers or objects; I would do that for hours, even in the snow. 


This can be embarrassing- walking back with this many sticks, and not knowing enough Hungarian or Slovak to explain myself.

Danu Bridge Guard

I'm in a wee house with a courtyard. I'm just just by the bridge that spans Slovakia and Hungary. My residency is Bridge Guard, I'm a guard of cultural connection. 

For three months my work will search for connections vs. divisions.  

Language, borders, time. I'm working on four different projects, at least 2 of which will be shown at the Aquaphone festival June 10th.  


I've made four delicate-feeling but sturdy boats using only copper wire and driftwood from the Danube. They're meant to be suspended, that way they continue to respond to vibration in their surroundings.  

After the installation in June, they'll be for sale individually. Contact me to tell me of your interest. 

Danube Danu Danau

For three months and living in a house and the purpose is to guard the bridge that spans the Danube between Slovakia and Hungary. 

I have sculpture,  an installation, drawings, and a conceptual piece planned for the show in June.  


Knot drawing- based on artifacts from the museum.  

Knot drawing- based on artifacts from the museum.  

Maria Valeria Bridge across the Danube.  

Maria Valeria Bridge across the Danube.  

Lead|Lead 2017

During my Artist residency in Gettysburg National Military Park I melted lead using the same process that Civil War Soldiers would have used to make lead bullets, to cast letters instead. Moving around the park I made Walt Whitman's poetry about the civil war visible in a few of the most critical battle spots.

Lead can be cast and recast, we see what we bring.  

Lead|Lead I 2017

Lead|Lead I 2017

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Lead|Lead II. 2017

Lead|Lead II. 2017

Day one at Spread Art in Detroit Michigan

Today I located the Motown history Museum, which looks like it's in a big old house. I found the main post office and got my medicine that Carlos sent me, and went to a nearby thrift store and got some "supplies".I went to a few hardware stores and bought cement and a 10 gallon bucket. Then I got back and realized I did not need cement and I needed a 10 QUART bucket. I made the returns and exchanges.
While in the studio for a while, I facetimed do with Sophie about her estate sale tomorrow. I talked with Thomas while organizing my studio. I prepared packages for friends and for Hannah, and put a whole bunch of Sony remotes up for sale on eBay.
Tomorrow I go to the post office first, the library main branch second, the hardware store to find play sand, and then studio time and the SA performance art from 5 to 7. My former student Logan might join us, and there will be a fire afterwards!

National Parks Art Foundation Gettysburg Residency

Brush up on your Walt Whitman. The first two weeks of March 2017 I'll be in Gettysburg National Park casting some of Walt's words in 3-D aluminum letters set in concrete. I'll then hide those lines of poetry throughout the park.

Visitors can find these markers via GPS and make graphite rubbings on rice paper, recreating his words with their visit. Or by altering sequence and omitting words, visitors can make new poems by finding Whitman's.

Residency and stipend generously funded by the National Parks Art Foundation.