Day one at Spread Art in Detroit Michigan

Today I located the Motown history Museum, which looks like it's in a big old house. I found the main post office and got my medicine that Carlos sent me, and went to a nearby thrift store and got some "supplies".I went to a few hardware stores and bought cement and a 10 gallon bucket. Then I got back and realized I did not need cement and I needed a 10 QUART bucket. I made the returns and exchanges.
While in the studio for a while, I facetimed do with Sophie about her estate sale tomorrow. I talked with Thomas while organizing my studio. I prepared packages for friends and for Hannah, and put a whole bunch of Sony remotes up for sale on eBay.
Tomorrow I go to the post office first, the library main branch second, the hardware store to find play sand, and then studio time and the SA performance art from 5 to 7. My former student Logan might join us, and there will be a fire afterwards!