Lost + Found September 8, 2016

I'm excited to have been chosen for the juried show "Lost + Found" at the Loft Artist Gallery, 575 Pacific Street, Stamford, CT.

From the prospectus:

"The expression Lost and Found can spur a whole host of associations: a repository of objects and their attendant histories; feelings of loss and displacement; and notions of recovery, return, even redemption. What is worth holding on to? What does it mean to find someone or some thing? Where do you find yourself now? In 1964 Yoko Ono composed the one-line score: “Draw a Map to Get Lost,” suggesting that the goal lies not in finding an exact destination, but rather in getting lost or losing oneself within the process or journey. This offers us a productive model wherein the experience of being lost - or found - are both parts of a more liberated path of discovery and creation. Allow this theme of “lost and found” to take you where it will. "