"How to Preserve and Display Unfinished Conversations", 2016

This installation sized piece (7' x 8') consists of sentence fragments separated and organized in archival Glassine envelopes. The sequence of cards is not in any particular order. The cards come from a set of flash cards from the fifties. Students combined and recombined them in order to build different sentences. 

This installation will be staged only once. Visitors may purchase one or more cards for $8 each, which will be mailed to buyers after the show. After dispersal, the cards will then be separated forever, dispersed far and wide among buyers. Those who enjoyed the piece intact willingly participate in it's destruction in order to keep a piece for themselves. 
No show date as yet, stay tuned. 

Detail of the installation.

a fraction of the cards to be included, in rows of cards separated from each other and preserved in Glassine envelopes. 

The original box of cards as I found them.