Artist Statement

Let's call my practice evidence-based poetry. I challenge the authority of any singular medium or moment by transparently layering imagery, materials, and time. I pare the work down the fewest elements and use arrangement and empty space that matter as much as the artifacts. The site-specific works in my latest artist residencies respond to local history after an investigation of the people, their place and its found materials. 

My individual works are metacognitive objects. The connections and conflicts between the work's elements create friction that extends audience engagement. Viewers 'connect the dots'; they recognize their own thought processes while experiencing the work. If a visitor described the piece to someone else by saying something like "At first I thought..X.. but then I saw..Y...." I feel successful. The self-awareness of their own thinking is part of the story of the work.

In my studio I'm inspired by the poetry and mechanics of instructional tools. Using text and language as physical manipulatives is fun, and feels like making and re-making language. These works assert what people enact in their speech, learning, writing, and social media every day. That's probably why my viewers' first response is to want to pick them up!

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I earned an MFA From the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I make sculpture, video, works on paper and installations that struggle to resolve conflicting narratives. 
I have had the honor to be the recipient of residency awards in Gorna Lipitsa, Bulgaria (funded by the Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA) and The Bridgeguard Residency between the Mária Valéria bridge between Štúrovo, Slovakia, and Esztergom, Hungary (funded by the Štefan and Viera Frühauf Endowment Fund).  

Recommended Colleagues:

Sarah G. Sharp

Callie Jo Barker

Hovey Brock

Tina Chavera

Simone Couto

Quinn Dukes

Alexandra Hammond

Henry Sanchez

#GenerousBrooklyn is my ongoing documentation of the spontaneous gift culture
on the streets of Brooklyn NY.