Artist Statement

The mechanics and poetry of educational materials (i.e. flash cards) inspire me by how they literally execute philosophical concepts. Playing with language and rebuilding it with manipulatives manifests how language generates our reality even as we generate language. Learning materials could be called ‘Metacognitive objects, my term for artworks that incite awareness of one’s own thinking. Can this be done? Can the visceral throw light upon our mental process instead of the other way around? If we experience language as a tangible object can we stop thinking about what words stand for and really see the words, the symbols, on their own?

I use a variety of materials from piece to piece, challenging the authority of any singular medium but towards the same intention. Video inside of an object, found paper artifacts, machines, wood, lead and plaster all have their own qualities yet approach the same context. This is especially evident in my site-specific installations. In recent residencies I responded to the experience of the residents and location using the materials available. By remixing those materials I worked to make palpable the history invisibly imposed upon a place by the people there.

I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. I earned an MFA From the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I make sculpture, video, works on paper and ibothe gallelry and site-specific installations.
I have had the honor to be the recipient of residency awards in Gorna Lipitsa, Bulgaria (funded by the Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts Programme of the EEA) and The Bridgeguard Residency between the Mária Valéria bridge between Štúrovo, Slovakia, and Esztergom, Hungary (funded by the Štefan and Viera Frühauf Endowment Fund

Recommended Colleagues:

Sarah G. Sharp

Callie Jo Barker

Hovey Brock

Tina Chavera

Simone Couto

Quinn Dukes

Alexandra Hammond

Henry Sanchez

#GenerousBrooklyn is my ongoing documentation of and social engagement with the spontaneous gift culture
on the streets of Brooklyn NY.